Harassment by builders - ( Puri VIP FLOORS Sec-81, faridabad )
Posted by Vijay Pratap Singh 18 Jul 2012
Hi Mr. Gupta, I see most of your comments on the website just try to put blame on the consumers. You should fight, you should check with the builders, you should file case etc. I guess when you are running this forum, I guess you have got a very good opportunity to create systems and processes which people can use to address their grievances. For example, on the above topic where builder terms are totally one sided, I am sure you would have seen hundreds of builder buyer agreements. You can make a list of points which are one sided and are found in most of the agreements. You can publish this list along with the set of documents and addresses of the consumer forums/courts where people can go. It would be helpful if you can list down the process involved in approaching consumer forums. How people not in NCR region can address their queries. Continue to hit back at the readers of your forum does not make sense. People are already harassed by builders and on top of that, if you give them cold shoulders instead of helping them out, it adds salt to the injury. It is in your business interest also to help consumers as it would help you gain goodwill and earn more transaction business.

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Puri VIP FLOORS Sec-81, faridabad

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